Here we make clothes out of books. Not literally, of course. We are not a recycling facility. We just take our favorite books passages and print them on outfit pieces like scarves, t-shirts, bags, headbands, backpacks, hats… Literary gifts, book scarf, text scarves, inspirational quotes on the bag, headband with a book passages, t-shirts with a text. You can name it just the way it sounds fun for you. ‘Cause it’s fashion and it’s supposed to be fun. 

Who can wear such unique fashion accessories? Basically, anybody who can read and find our book choices fun enough to try it on. What style it can relate to – Geeky, Nerdy, Hipster, Urban, Librarian, Boho, Vintage? A mix of everything? Your choice? You can create your own name for that we don’t mind!

Yep. It is hard to define and why limit yourself anyway.  Our online closet contains pieces like scarves, backpacks, beanie hats, headbands, t-shirts (and more coming soon). All of them show your personal taste in books, the words, and thoughts that touch your heart or challenge your brain, just something for everyday inspiration. 

Who is currently living in Literati closet? Let’s take a pick!Are you “mad as a hatter” or be a part of “we are all mad here” group from “Alice in Wonderland”?  Or… vow that you “Nevermore” give up reading Edgar Poe “Raven”? Or… perhaps you think about yourself as a next visionary like Steve Jobs and totally think that “Time is limited so don’t waste it living someone else’s life”? Or… you can relate to the one or more characters from “Pride and Prejudice” as well as sharing the whole Jane Austen philosophy and the way things should happen in the relationships? Or you have a brave heart as OZ characters? You can fit in any category or even be part of everything.

Everybody is welcome to become a member of Literati Club and show how different they are with the little help of clothes we sell.What else? I guess with a guide we provided above you are totally ready now to think, pick, buy, wear and come back for more!  

 Team of “mad” book-lovers a.k.a Literati Club