Blue Harem Pants with printed Wings


  • This model is a transformer: Wide leg pants / Harem Pants. Closing two buttons attached to the bottom of the pants you could choose what style to wear today: Harem or Palazzo Pants.
  • Very comfortable, high waist fold over pants, high-quality jersey fabric, made in the USA.
  • Type: fabric high comfort soft rayon spandex pajama lounge cozy stretch silky palazzo high waist pants. Perfect loungewear.
  • Mix with sport style parts: top, hoody, sweater, cap, boots, sneakers.
  • Occasion: gym, run, workout, outdoor and indoor yoga, fitness, energy exercises. Casual: perfect for beach style, pajama party, walk, playing with kids, have fun, happy hours, sleep.
  • Design: high waistband wear in two ways: rise entirely or fold in half, harem fashion style, loose and comfort.