Poran is our family name and we found great joy to combine our family life with the passion of design…. Amir husband and father started the company with Shuli – beloved wife to follow and inspired and Opal the oldest son joined in , started at young age helping out and with his computer skills we come on Etsy.
We love the beauty of the deep wide oceans and inspired by art nouveau and Gaudi’s art especially.

We use silver, gold, gemstones(precious & semi-precious) and a lot of inspiration to create our jewelry.
All our products are designed by us and made ​​by us.
Our studio and our house located in Klil- a small eco-village in the Western Galilee, northern Israel.
All our jewelry contain part of our soul and our life style.

Some of the items may remain “handmade marks”. We see it as an integral part of our art and a way for the material to lead us to his final destination.
I hope you find it a very unique as well – Celebrate the uniqenss of your jewel


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